About Us

 Christ Community Bible Church has been established so that the wisdom of  God, which He demonstrated in Christ Jesus our Lord, shall be known. We    seek to preach and teach the preeminence of Christ in all scripture, the    sovereignty of God in all things, and the sufficiency of all Scripture for all    life and godliness.

Christ Community Bible Church purposes to honor the Lord by Christ  centered, expository, preaching, worshiping Him in humble simplicity,  serving one another with devoted affection and serving our community with  Gospel guided mercy. The New Testament lays out clear direction as to how  the New Covenant assembly is to constitute and conduct itself as well as    what its unique privileges and responsibilities are. Our ministry is focused  on the whole family and the enjoyment of our salvation shared together. We believe parents are the head of children and are to be the primary agents for children’s discipleship and training. The local church should direct its efforts to the equipping of the father for the discipleship of his wife and children. Our vision and purpose for the Christian family is: Loving husband headship, fruitful wife companionship, honorable child mentorship, whole family discipleship.

Michael Cox and Tim Fickling share preaching duties.

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